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142 Wooden Heart

Timber Shark

Timber Shark

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Handmade and one-of-a kind craft.

Vital to our ocean’s ecosystems, the great white shark is forever misunderstood. Truly calm and beautiful, these impressive creatures are under threat from human fishing practices.

This sustainably made artwork will complement any surfside home, reminding you that the ocean is never far away.

Make this piece the centre of your living room or hang above your bed as you dream of the seas.

A popular gift for surfers and ocean lovers alike. Help keep this magnificent creature’s ecosystem thriving by choosing sustainably with art that keeps waste out of landfill and oceans.

Made from reclaimed timber each piece has its own distinct pattern and colouration. Due to the handmade process every piece will be unique and one of a kind.

wood fences, timber pallets, glue, hanging hooks

H 33 x W 75 x D 2.5 cm

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3.5 kg


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